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Architect’s studio in The Hague

artistic imagination and building expertise

‘HAGUE architects’ is the creative network-studio of architect Alex Goedemans in The Hague, bringing artistic imagination and building expertise together in a variety of architecture, renovations, interiors and research.

outstanding customized residence and interior architecture

The studio delivers outstanding customized residence and interior architecture in collaboration with its building partners and joiners for years now.


Home remodeling or building

renovation, extension, or interior

  • your residence will be unique and personal
  • walking through the design in 3D
  • with insight into budget and planning


Client reviews:

“An architect in Holland who designed and managed the whole renovation in detail, while we were in Abu Dhabi.That was just what we needed”. Visit the wonderful house in Marlot.

“The unexpected combination of the architectural inspection of our house and the artistic imagination in the interior design appealed to us very much.” Please check the result.

“The building inspector and the aesthetics committee were very enthusiastic about the drawings. We received the building permit within one month.” See the thatched construction.

“The drawings are really beautiful. The 3D visualization gives a wonderful sense of how it will look. Inspiring design with fantastic results.” To “Nassaukwartier”.

Of course you can personally ask our clients for reference. Please contact us.

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